Our routines are changing, and we have gotten our Kabana Community together to share what we are doing to inspire our newfound routine. Working out at home and getting our bodies moving is at the forefront of our mind, and this is where we thought we should start.

In this circuit there are 6 exercises that should be completed consecutively. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds and after completing each round of the circuit take a 1-minute break. Each exercise is focused on toning and sculpting a different part of your body, creating the perfect full body mat Pilates workout at-home.

The Circuit Breakdown (30 sec on each exercise)

1. Hundreds 2. Leg Circles 3. Backward Kicks

4. Flights 5. Calf Raises 6. Lateral Steps




Works: Abdomens

Bring your knees into tabletop position and bring your head up with your chin down. Engage your abdomen muscles. Curl your spine up off the floor and keep your arms straight by your side. Pulse your arms up and down, keeping your body in the same position.

Beginner variation: hold position without arm pulsing


Works: Abdomens, hamstrings and quads

Lay on the ground, flat with your body stretched out. Lift one leg into a right angle, keeping it straight. Keep your lower back flat on the ground. Circle your lifted leg outwards from your body as wide as you can. Repeat on the other leg.

Beginner variation: Do smaller circles with your leg


Works: Glutes, abdomens

Move onto your hands and knees, in a tabletop position. Extend one leg behind your body and lift it up so that it is in line with your back. Keep your leg straight. Repeat on the other leg


Works: Shoulders, biceps, triceps

Lay on your stomach with arms straight by your side and fingers reached toward your toes. Squeeze your shoulders down and back and hold this position. With your palms facing up, pulse your arms up and down.


Works: Calves 

Stand up straight and hold onto a wall or chair to keep balance. With straight legs, raise up onto the balls of your feet and hold for 3 seconds. Lower back to flat feet. Repeat.


Works: Glutes, thighs and calves

Bend down as close to a right angle as possible. Keep your body weight evenly distributed through both feet. Step sideways. Continue until time is up. Repeat in the other direction


Once you have finished your workout it is time to relax and take some deep breaths. Get comfortable and lay down on your back. Place one hand on your stomach. Breathe in and let your stomach fill with air, hold your breath and breathe all of the air back out. Repeat these steps as long as you wish.

Workout At-home

April 01, 2020