For as long as human beings have existed, so has our affinity with stones and crystals. We have used them to cut, to build, to heal, and to protect. They have been talismans and amulets, jewellery, sculpture and even formed cosmetics. Some of the most powerful nations in the history of mankind embraced crystals as a normal, everyday part of life. And as a significant part of their spirituality and culture.

So why don’t we?

The good news is, we do. Or at least, we are starting to. With knowledge comes power. And we are starting to relearn what our ancestors already knew. Our modern, technology-soaked culture is starting to realise the benefits of crystals and their use - and learn from the wisdom of our elders. It is an awakening.


The Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quarts in their jewellery for protection and health. They made kohl from galena for (the world’s original) eyeliner! The Ancient Greeks (the fathers of modern philosophy) used amethyst and hematite for health and protection.

In China, Mexico and South America – jade for healing. The Maoris of New Zealand wear it to connect to their ancestor spirits. During the Renaissance in Europe precious and semi-precious stones were used for healing different ailments alongside herbs.

Even Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism use them! It is impossible, in one blog article, to delve into the entire beautiful, full, rich history of crystals, or even all the types of crystals and their benefits. There are countless books written on the subject!


What we do know, scientifically, is that everything has a vibration caused by moving particles. A table, a rock, a bird, a tree, a crystal. It is a basic law of physics. And, we all know that one thing affects another. These two truths mean that crystals do, in fact, affect us. More than we realise!

Over the coming weeks we will delve into some gorgeous products that feature the varying properties of different crystals. They are not just beautiful, but absolutely beneficial to your wellness. From delightful, crystal-infused essential oils, Korean Gua Sha stones and facial rollers; calming Selenite, stunning multi-stone jewellery and powerful Amazonite – have chosen a treasure-trove of crystal for your delight.

At Kabana we love all things organic. And what can be more organic than a beautiful, semi-precious stone that is hundreds of years old?!

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March 23, 2020