Since Ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine. Bees collect sugar mainly from the sugar-rich nectar of flowers in their environment. Once inside the beehive, they repeatedly consume and regurgitate nectar, adding enzymes and fanning their wings to reduce the water content. The end product is honey which has been found to have many health benefits.

Honey contains bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants which have been linked to beneficial effects on heart health. Honey seems to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and can lower triglyceride levels especially when used as a sugar substitute. Topical honey treatment has been used to heal wounds, burns and many other skin conditions since Ancient Egypt and is still common today.   Research has shown that raw honey can kill unwanted bacteria and fungus and it naturally contains hydroperoxide, which is used as an antiseptic. Some say honey can improve both short and long-term memory, especially in menopausal and post-menopausal women!!! Drinking honey in tea with lemon can ease throat pain which is great to know as we enter our cooler months. The healing components of honey are also used in many cosmetic skin and hair preparations, not only for their antiseptic and antioxidant potential but for the soothing and conditioning effects. Honey lubricates the skin and holds onto moisture making it an ideal ingredient in the production of beauty products ranging from lip balms, facial scrubs to shampoo.

So now you can think of honey as you would blueberries, broccoli, tea and dark green vegies!

Meet our gorgeous young beekeeper, Joe!

Joe is in his final year at Brisbane Grammar school and I am proud to say was the Dux last year!! He started beekeeping on his 16th birthday with a hive in his backyard. The hobby immediately captured his interest and grew into a deep passion, and his apiary expanded soon after. He has helped several new beekeepers start and manage their own hives, and now he is the proud owner of Mellifer Honey ( named for the honey bee, Apis mellifera ) as a sideline to his studies.


330/500g of pure, raw and local Brisbane wildflower honey, extracted without heating or filtering to preserve all the goodness from our native and local floral sources.

Buying from a beekeeper like Joe gives you the assurance that all the goodness of honey is intact and you’ll have the added pleasure of knowing you are supporting a local Brisbane boy with a dream!



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April 23, 2021

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