Winter is definitely approaching quickly which means sweaters and warm cups of tea. But it also means it’s the most important time of the year to care for your skin. Just like you switch your wardrobe throughout each season, your skincare routine must be altered accordingly. With the elements already working against you, keeping your skin hydrated and healthy should take priority.

The winter air is definitely drier, and the humidity is extremely low and this weather change and dry temperatures zaps all of the skins much needed moisture. Your skin pays the price for the winter temperate and dry air, which can lead to cracks in the outer layer of skin, inflammation and loss of hydration. When your skin loses its moisture barrier it weakens its ability to protect itself.

To get ahead of dryness and lack-lustre skin, there are a few easy measures that can be taken before the winter chill sets in for good.


Implement collagen powder into your daily routine

We have the perfect Collagen powder for you to implement into your daily beauty routine. Collagen powder has amazing benefits for the skin year-round, bus especially during winter. Collagen will promote skin health and is essential for keeping your largest organ, the skin, strong and elastic. It also helps to keep the skin active, promotes hydration and will support your gut health and immunity.

Implement the use of serums

If you haven’t incorporated a serum into your skincare routine, you are definitely missing out on some incredible moisturising and anti-ageing benefits. Our overnight hydrating serum is the perfect way to moisturise your skin and protect it against the cooler weather. Although serums are thinner in consistency, they contain potent concentration of active ingredients that will pack a punch and target your skin concerns. Apply your serum before you moisturise to allow the ingredients to really absorb into the skin to provide maximum results.

Implement the use of eye cream

Much like serums, eye cream is another step with countless skin-boosting and anti-ageing benefits. From lightening dark circles to smoothing thin lines, eye cream will nourish and moisturise the delicate skin around your eyes. Eye cream is a vital step to implement in your winter beauty routine as dry and cool air will dehydrate the skin and create fine lines around the eyes as they get easily chapped and extremely dry. Use our amazing eye cream to reap these benefits.

Swap your lightweight moisturiser for a richer cream  

If you feel like your skin cannot get enough moisture during winter, you have to try this moisturiser. Our Hydrate Me moisturiser will protect your skin from dehydration and fine lines, giving it the lasting moisture that it needs. Our moisturiser will lock the moisture in your skin and maintain the protective barrier.

Swap out bare lips or lipstick for lip balm

For many of us, the cold weather brings with it painfully dry, chapped or cracked lips. It is extremely important to be keeping your lips moisturised and hydrated to prevent painful lips. Your lips have no oil glands and cannot replenish the moisture by itself, therefore, they are far more susceptible to drying out. And that is exactly why you need to implement our soul shine lip balm into your daily routine.

Use a moisturising face mask

Implementing a face mask into your weekly skincare routine during winter is vital to keep your skin moisturised. Our hydrating face mask will reduce redness associated with irritated, dry winter skin and will even plump the skin to remove and smooth fine lines. Our mask is easy to apply, fun to use and will deliver quick results. Our mask will hydrate your skin, remove excess oils and improve the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Use hand cream every day

Protect your sensitive skin this winter and improve your skin tone and texture with our rich hand cream. Our hand cream will aid in holding water in the outer layer of your skin and will create a temporary barrier for your hands. It will also protect your hands from the harmful effects of the sun, wind and other environmental factors.

Keep your whole body moisturised with a body oil

Oils are the most nourishing and moisturising product to apply on your skin. Although moisturisers and cream will hydrate and nourish your skin, oils provide that extra hit of moisture that your body will need throughout winter. Our summer solstice body oil will do just this and will be an essential item to keep your body smooth and moisturised throughout winter.

May 07, 2020

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