When you think of cleaning products, most people think of their local super-market and products such as Pine-O-Kleen or Ajax Spray and Wipe. And when you think of food and what you ingest; everyone knows that all-natural, organic food is the best option to nourish your body. But when it comes to cleaning surfaces and household items you touch and eat off daily, using organic, natural cleaning products doesn’t often come to mind.


The unpleasant chemical residue that your typical household cleaning products leave behind can be extremely harmful and damaging in the long term. The list of benefits of using all-natural cleaning products is extensive, such as, it won’t harm the environment, it’s allergy free, skin friendly and there’s no animal testing. More and more people are searching for non-toxic cleaning solutions to use around the home. Your household cleaning products don’t need to be full of chemicals and we have the perfect solution with our all natural make your own cleaning kit.


Our DIY kit makes kitchen and bathroom sprays that will last all year long. The kit includes 2 x amber glass reusable spray bottles, 3 x 10ml pure essential oils (lemon, pink grapefruit and eucalyptus), 1 x 100ml castile soap, labels for your spray bottle and instructions booklet including extra natural cleaning products.


During this time of reflection swap those chemical-filled cleaning products and bleach for something that’s good for your skin, your family and your planet.


May 01, 2020

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