Living a more sustainable life is very simple, small steps such as using less water, unplugging electronics and turning off lights in empty rooms can be a great way to implement sustainability into everyday life. At Kabana, it has become increasingly important for the team to implement consciously aware living. As a team we strive to live more sustainably and in doing so our first step together was to implement compostable bags for all of our online orders. We believe that it’s the small adjustments like this that will help the environment.

Take your first or next step in living a more sustainable life with our favourite environmentally friendly products.


Carry your cutlery

Whether you’re in a food court, at a bar or grabbing take-away, say no to single use plastic cutlery and straws and use your own with our ‘carry your cutlery’ set. Keep your cutlery in your bag at all times, in a handy metal carry case, ready for when you need it!


Sugar cane straws

The Sugar Cane Straw is made from the leftover fibres of the sugar cane and is the best alternative to plastic straws.


Bamboo long sleeve t-shirt

Bamboo fabric is one of the planet’s most sustainable resources. This long sleeve t-shirt will keep your warm all winter long while also letting your body breathe.


Micro herbs windowsill garden

If you are looking to grow your own herbs and don’t know where to start, look no further! We have the perfect at home grow your own garden kit. This growing kit of delicate herbs, full of nutrition and flavour is the ideal garden to grow on your kitchen windowsill. This kit is the perfect crop for the urban gardener and brings fresh herbs and life into your kitchen.


Make your own natural cleaning kit

For a non-toxic, sustainable way of life! Household cleaning sprays don't need to be full of chemicals and bleach. More and more people are looking for non-toxic solutions to use around their homes and this cleaning kit is perfect.

June 15, 2020

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