Improve your circulation while de-puffing and lifting your skin with a face roller. The face roller is used for beautifying techniques like de-puffing and lifting skin. Facial rolling has become a popular facial technique that naturally stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for tired or congested skin. The facial roller can be used for lifting and sculpting, relaxing tight muscles that contribute to fine lines, and for de-puffing under-eyes and cheeks.

How to use your facial roller:

  • Moisten the skin with a gentle facial oil, like rosehip.
  • With gentle pressure, move in upward lifting motions from the centre of the face and out towards the hairline.
  • Stop and lightly press the tool in the hairline in front of and behind the ears to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Also follow the jawline and sides of the neck, where there are more drainage sites.
  • Do not roll over moles and avoid acne


June 03, 2021

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