Chef Cynthia Louise | Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth Cook Book

By Kabana

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Epic plant-based desserts that make you feel good
  • Profound, delicious, and nourishing, celebrating your sweet tooth naturally with real plant-based ingredients as close to nature intended it to be.
  • I’ve chosen ingredients that leave you feeling good. They nurture your body and its organs. They won’t lift you up on a refined sugar high and then dump you afterward.
  • Do you ever feel guilty for eating that slice of chocolate cake, or digging into that lush white icing on a carrot cake? Don’t worry. All my desserts in this book are white sugar-free.
  • Real sugar is better than fake sugar. If you are going to splurge for a dessert, you should choose one that contains real sugars like maple, coconut sugar, and dried fruit instead of artificial sweeteners.
  • Every recipe has a story leaving your mind nourished



Chef Cynthia comes with a large side of personality and an infectious passion. Not to mention she’s also

  • An Author of 2 plant-based cookbooks, Celebrate Your Sweet tooth and  Plant-Based Love Stories
  • the star of 2 cooking shows on Gaia TV and FMTV
  • the partner of a global chain of restaurants with serial entrepreneur Roger Hamilton
  • served hundreds of people on stage and at retreats in Bali with Tyler Tolman
  • and created her own range of gut-healing food products and online classes.
  • the bestselling author of 7 recipe books (including 3 books with biochemist Dr Libby Weaver)

She’s an exciting and charismatic public speaker touring Australia for the past decade. Thousands of people who live healthy, pain free, abundant lives through her meals say she knows what she’s doing - and it works.

In her early days at a health resort she saw the effects of her cooking on chronically ill patients. 

Diabetes, stress, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s, eczema, cirrhosis, leaky gut, IBS and autoimmune conditions all responded positively - even to the amazement of natural doctors and healers - when she served natural, plant-based meals made from her highest intentions.

She followed these same principles while recovering from her second heart surgery. So she knows the power of her method from the inside out.

As an adopted child raised in New Guinea, Cynthia spent days down the back of her family’s workshop with the wives of the workers. They would harvest coconuts and shred them while roasting sweet potatoes over an open fire. In contrast, her nights at home were spent eating rissoles and mash (don’t ask what a rissole is if you don’t know). 

She learnt early on how real food tastes and what it does for your body. 

That’s when she realized that cooking is a contract with your body. Our health is on loan. You pay it back by nourishing yourself with positive energy and emotions, then starting the simple act of preparing a meal.

It’s one of the many simple, yet profound things Chef Cynthia Louise has discovered in her journey. And there’s more she wants to share. 

Cook with real food. Cook with great energy.

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